Centro de la Trashumancia, Venta de Piqueras



Ruedas de Lana is a mountain bike journey in stages over 262 Km. long and 7.100 m. cumulative elevation gain, through valleys and mountain ranges of La Rioja. A self-guided route which can be done with the aid of a track uploaded to the GPS and a map (there is the possibility of guide service).


It is a circular route that starts in Ezcaray. The route runs through regions with a natural and cultural heritage linked to the pastoral tradition of Transhumance and Whool.


It is an itinerary that goes along cattle trails, paths and places that shepherds had travelled for centuries; a path to imagine a landscape of the past, that of the Transhumance and the Wool Road; an experience to know the values of the territory trough the bicycle...


The heritage and industry linked to transhumance in the environment of the route:

• Blanket factory, Ezcaray

• Dyeing house Real Fábrica de Ezcaray

• Riojan Emigration Centre, Torrecilla

• Ethnographic Museum of El Rasillo

• Interpretation Centre of Sierra Cebollera Natural Park

• Majada (flock) de las Desecadas, Lomos de Orios

• Venta de Piqueras, Centre of Transhumance and Senda de Las Majadas

• Shearing farm, Brieva

•Sendero del Chozo, Brieva

• Ethnographic Museum, Ventrosa


To know crafts and taste traditional foods:

• Blankets

• Looms


• Cheeses

• Honey


• Loafs of bread

• Lamb meat


And to participate in the traditional celebrations inherited from the Transhumance:

Caridad de Lomos de Orios

Romería de la Luz, Venta de Piqueras

• Transhumance Festival, Brieva

• Transhumance Festival, Venta de Piqueras





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Ruedas de Lana

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