"La Escalera" Brieva de Cameros

a bike travel in the mountain, 262 km. and 7100 m. total ascent...

transhumance in LA RIOJA

RUEDAS DE LANA proposes you a bike journey running the landscapes and places of transhumance and wool in La Rioja, following paths, tracks and cattle trails that shepherds and flocks of sheep have traveled for centuries looking for the best mountain pastures...


A BIKE JOURNEY to enjoy the landscapes of the mountains of La Rioja, from Sierra de la Demanda to Sierra de Cameros; by the headwaters of the rivers Oja, Najerilla and Iregua; mountain villages of traditional architecture, with pastoral memories, from Ezcaray to San Millán de la Cogolla, by the villages of Camero Nuevo and Siete Villas.


AN EXPERENCE to know the places where the memory of transhumance is still alive in folds, huts called chozos, shearing farms, little ethnographic museums, hermitages to hear tales of pastoral miracles, hostelries for the rest of flocks and shepherds, exhibition and interpretation centres of the landscape


AN INVITATION TO SENSES to taste pastoral gastronomy, to touch textile handcrafts of blankets and almazuelas, to smell cheese of Cameros, to listen and dance music of the landscape and to see the people who keep alive traditional fiestas of transhumance.




Pictures of the route

Ruedas de Lana

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